About Us

EDS Ltd. was founded in 2011 by Paul Kelly who had spent 15 years working in the software industry. He worked in companies such as Aviva, Snap-On Diagnostics, Moneymate and Flexicom.

Realising the importance of solid techniques for creating software he decided to set up a company that could build reliable software, on time and within budget. To allow this to happen a number of technologies were developed. First he created an automated testing suite which is exponentially faster and more reliable than manual testing.

More tools were developed to allow quicker and more accurate development of the software. A navigation engine was built to allow more flexibility for the user and to make the software stable. It also reduces the amount of code needed thus making the software run faster and the probability of defects being reduced.

Because of all this EDS Ltd. can now provide software that is reliable, completed on time and does what it is supposed to do. These are not easily achievable goals in software but the effort and time in developing these tools have helped us reach this stage.

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