Pricing information

Because every solution we build is different we cannot give a one price fits all. However we realise a lot of our software has common parts so the table below is a guide to the cost of typical projects. If you have a project and would like a quote then contact us today and we will give you an estimate within 24 hours.


Max Price €999


Max Price €4999


Max Price €9999

5 Data Screens

5 Reports

Alerts on 5 Items

2 Automated Features

1 Dashboard

No Extra Feature

Installation Application

Help Files

30 Data Screens

30 Reports

Alerts on 10 Items

10 Automated Features

3 Dashboards

5 Extra Features

Installation Application

Help Files

50 Data Screens

50 Reports

Alerts on 20 Items

20 Automated Features

8 Dashboards

10 Extra Features

Installation Application

Help Files


If you have any other queries, questions or would like to get started on your software then you can contact us.

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