how we build Your Database in 5 easy steps

These are the simple step required for your database. They require no technical know how on your part. Some people require a lot of help here. Some people do it all themselves. It's up to you.

1.     Decide on your information

In the initial consultation we find out what you require and explain how we work. Then we ask you to decide on which information you would like to capture. This step may involve you and your team meeting to decide on this. For example suppose you own a IT Services business. You may decide to store information such as Client details, jobs, and payment details.


2.     list your information

When you have decided the type of information you wish to collect then we help you break this down into fields. This is a list of data items with a description where they are not self explanatory. Below is a table of fields from our IT services example:


Customer Details
Company Name


Payment Details
Date of Payment
Amount Paid
Amount Due
Payment Type


We will refine this data more until we are happy we have the requirements. Then we can go ahead and build your database from this data. 


3.     Choose the reports you would like

You decided what you want to put in your database. Now the fun part. What do you want to get out. You pick the questions you want answered. e.g. what is our most profitable area?, what is our best/leanest month? do our special offers work?


4.     We build your database

Once both parties are happy we can begin. This phase will involve design, developing, testing and creating installation. There will be minimal effort required on your part.


5.     Install Your Database

We install your database complete with help files. We also provide training. Your new database is now up and running supported by 1 year FREE technical support.


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