Reasons to hire us

  • > Professional Quality Software

Everything about your software is professional.  That’s because it is designed and built on 15 years of experience. We use professional design and coding standards. We use professional tools such as the award winning Quick Test from Hewlett Packard. Our developers have at minimum a computing related degree qualification.

  • > Fixed Price up front

We give you a fixed price at the start of your project. Your software won’t run over budget. There are NO hidden costs.

  • > Ease of Use

Our software is simple to use. You don’t need intense training or a computer degree. If you can surf the web you can use our software. We will provide training. If you run into difficulty then read our FREE help files which are included.

  • > Simple to Install

We provide a professional installation program. The software is installed in just a few clicks.

  • > FREE Online Demo of our Software

Anyone can talk about the quality look and feel and the ease of use of their software. We give you a free video demo of our software here and allow you to decide for yourself.

  • > Read Our Testimonials

We provide testimonials from real customers in real organisations who use our software to help run their business.

  • > FREE Initial Consultation

It's easy to get start. We give you a free initial consultation. From this we can determine what information you wish to capture and when we know this we can provide your with a fixed price for your software.

  • > We are a real company and not just a website

Expert Database Solutions Ltd. is a fully legal business entity. We are a limited company registered with the Companies Registration Office of Ireland(The company number is 504310).  We are obliged by law to have a real address, to pay taxes and to file proper accounts at regular intervals.

  • > FREE Help Files

Our software comes with free help files. If you need help while using our software just press F1 and the help file will appear.

If you would like to contact us please go here.

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