Frequently asked questions?

The Basics

How long will it take you to create my software?

Depends on what your require but generally 1 to 2 weeks.

How much will my software cost?

See our pricing guide Here

Do you provide a fixed price up front?

Yes we do. Once we have your requirements we provide a fixed price before we begin building you database. This is the price you will pay and and not an estimation. If you require changes we will let you know the price before we do any work.

Does we need a license for every user?

No. You can have as many users as you want within your organisation.



Do you provide a proper software installation application?

Yes. Each database is installed using a professional installation package

Will our software be secure?

Yes. All databases we provide are password protected.

Do you provide help files?

Yes. Just press F1 on any screen and this will open the help files.

How reliable is your software?

All the software we release is comprehensively tested. We use the Quick Test Professional Award Winning software by Hewlett Packard. It provides advanced and in depth automated testing of the software.

Do we need to pay you for maintenance?

No. We are so confident in the quality of our software that we provide 1 year FREE technical support. If there is a problem. We will fix it quickly and for FREE.



Future changes to our software

Do you provide the source code?

We do not supply the source code for the front end part of the database. The reason for this is the same reason Microsoft/Adobe/Oracle etc. don't give their source code. It would compromise our intellectual property and it would be of little use to you. However you do have full access to the data tables. What this means is that if we were to go out of business then you will still have full access to your data and will not be left high and dry.

Will we be able to move our database to the cloud in the future?

The simple answer is yes but it's not cheap. However as technolgy improves and more people embrace the cloud costs will inevitably come down.


Advanced Questions

Why not use Excel for my database?

You would not believe how often we get asked this. First of all Excel is a spreadsheet and therefore is not designed for database tasks. Excel is ok to use for very simple data storage. Once your data requirements grow(and they always do) it can become unmanageable very quickly. In many organisations multiple staff members have different spreadsheets often containing duplicate data. This leads to major problem regarding what data is valid, up to date etc.

Microsoft recommend that you only use Excel when the data is simple e.g. storing basic customer details such as name and phone number. Once you need to create more complex relationships such customer sales then you need a proper database.

Why not buy "Off the Shelf" software?

If the 'Off The Shelf' software does all you require then by all means go ahead and purchase. The key difference between 'Off the Shelf' and custom built is that the former is not tailored to your business. It is aimed at how the average business works. This means it will contain a lot of features you'll never use. Because of this it can be complex requiring a lot of training for your staff. Also you have no control over the software. If it does not perform a certain task there is no way to alter it.

On the other hand custom software is uniquely tailored for your business. It will be more user friendly because it is based on how your business works and because it contains only the functionality you need. If you wish to modify this software in the future then this is relatively easy to do. Custom built software will also give you an edge over competitors who are using an 'Off the shelf' solution or in the worst case - no software at all.

We already have software. Will you modify it for us?

We can do this although we would have to evaluate the existing system to see what is possible. If you have questions about your existing software please feel free to contact us

Our old software contains data and we do not have the source code. Can we extract this data?

It depends. It's all down to how the software was written. The original developer would be able to tell you. If they are not available then we would have to examine your software before we could give a more definite answer.


Questions about Expert Database Solutions

What technology do you use to build the software?

For small to medium project we find that Microsoft Access is more than capable. If you require a more robust solution then we can easily use C# and Microsoft SQL Server.

Are you a real business?

Expert Database Solutions Ltd. is a limited company registered with the Irish Companies Registration Office( We are a legal entity bound by Irish and European law. We are obliged to have a proper address, to pay taxes and to file annual accounts.

Where are you based?

In the beautiful medieval city of Kilkenny just one hour south west of Dublin.

What areas do you cover?

Unlike traditional business we are not limited by geography. With technology like Skype, email, remote desktop, distance is not an issue. In the past we have built solutions for customers in the UK and hope to do so again. Once you provide us with your requirements we can build a database for you no matter where you are located. Obviously if you're in the middle of the Sahara desert then it may not be possible.

If you would like to know how we can help your business see How To Solve Your Business Problems Before They Happen.

If you have any other queries, questions or would like to get started on your software then you can Contact Us.

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