The Important of a Database To your business

Should you spend money on a database? This is a crucial questions for you organisation. The following quotes are from respected business sources:


"The gathering, processing, and use of information relating to the operations of a business are vital to its success. The database is one of the cornerstones of information technology, and its ability to organise, process and manage information in a structured and controlled manner is key to many aspects of modern business efficiency." - British Government business resource


"If you don’t have a database then you are missing out on an effective marketing tool that will help grow your business." - Marketing For Business

"Your database is one of your greatest business assets." - The SmallBiz Marketing Tips website

"Having a good customer database will allow your business to grow or maintain its current level. Your customer database will be the best tool you have during hard times and the best tool you have when you need to maximize your profits ." - Business Knowledge Source

  • As you can see a database is vital to your business or organisation. So how can it help your business? The following examples shows in simple terms how a database could be used.
  • Example

    Imagine you own a dog grooming service.  Business is good and yet the money isn't flowing into your bank account to the degree you would like. How do you really know what is working and what isn't? By recording the details of your appointments in a database you can find out:

    • ·         What part of you business is making you the most profit?

      ·         What days/months are the busiest?

      ·         When do you need more/less staff on?

      ·         What treatments are most popular?

      ·         Which advertising brings you the most business?

      ·         Do your special offers work?   

      ·         What area of your business is losing you money?

      ·         Which customers spend the most money?

    you could be sitting on a goldmine

    All this information about your business at the mere touch of a button. Now imagine trying to answer these questions from a hand written appointment book with a hundred pages or more?  Imagine trying to answer these questions if your information is on different pieces of paper around your office. You could have a potential profit goldmine in your business. But without complete knowledge of your business how will you find it?

    The queries in the example above are just a tiny sample of possible queries. When you get a database custom built you can develop queries that relate specifically to your business. In fact the possible queries about your data are only limited by the queries you have about your business. Not only can you ask the database questions, you can also get it to act on the answers as shown in the following examples:

    ·         Send emails to remind you whe upcoming meetings are due

    ·         Alert you when stock is running low

    ·         Alert you when the number of treatments for a particular day require extra staff

    and so on. 

    We can help you

    Building a customised database is not all plain sailing. It does require some effort on your part and can be a timely and costly venture if not done correctly. Our aim is to reduce the cost, effort and risk to you.  We do this by

    ·         Providing you with a quick and easy way to create requirements

    ·         Giving you a fixed price based on your requirements

    ·         Using the best tools and practices to ensure quality

    If you would like to get started on your database then Contact us today.

    To see what's involved in building your database go to 5 simple steps to building your database.

    If you have more questions then why not drop into the Frequently Asked Questions page.


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